Creativy has no end

With a back ground of Science and Engineering, Krishna Prasad, the author of this book works as a Senior Vice President for a Machine Tool company in Chennai,. His medium of education throughout has been in English. He is in no way attached to any Tamil forums or departments. However, he has an insatiable thirst for the Tamil language. His love for the language has also been his love of labour, which has made him produce some outstanding works, such as Khalil Gibran – Poems in Tamil a Magnum Opus, Pattinathar Pdalgal – Pudhu Kavithai Vadivil - a modern Tamil poem rendering of the verses of Pattinathar the great Siddha Saint. He has also produced the evergreen Thirukkural in modern Tamil poetry. Apart from the books published, Krishna Prasad is also an artist. His artistic skills are reflected in his beautiful paintings. All his paintings are water colours on hand made paper. He lives in Anna Nagar a high-profile suburb of Chennai.