creativity has no end

With a background of science and engineering, Krishna Prasad has done all his education through the medium of English only. He has also been professionally employed in the machine tools industry. Thus, he has had no relationship with any of the Thamizh forums or Thamizh Departments.

However, Thamizh as a language always captured his admiration and imagination and grew in him as a passion. This passion of his has taken shape as an insatiable thirst for the language. This has resulted in writing of many books in Thamizh.

He has produced some outstanding works in Thamizh – Khalil Gibran Kavithaigal – a magnum opus. Pattinathar Padalgal – Pudukavithai Vadivil – a rendering in modern Thamizh poetry, the songs of Siddha Saint Pattinathar – to name a few.

The identity of the Thamizh country – The evergreen Thirukkural – has been rendered in lucid modern Thamizh poetry.

Thus, he has 14 books published so far to his credit.

His accomplishments have been identified and suitably awarded by the Thamizh Valarchi Thurai (Department of Thamizh Development, Government of Tamil Nadu) and other organisations like, Nalli – Thisai Ettum, Manimekalai Mandram, Kavithai Uravu etc.

His passion is not limited to writing alone. His imagination captures the hues of nature and life which are reflected in his beautiful paintings. He paints the hues with watercolors on hand made paper.

He lives in Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Welcome to his world of creativity………!